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Shark Motorcycle Helmets

Shark has been producing helmets for over 30 years and is distributed in more than 35 countries. Many famous riders have become part of the Shark helmets legend: Raymond Roche - Carl Fogarty – J-Philippe Ruggia - Miguel Duhamel – Alex Barros – Arnaud Vincent – Michael Pichon - Régis Laconi – Yves Demaria - Randy de Puniet – Gabor Talmacsi – Olivier Jacque, Mike Di Meglio…and many others. Today, we are proud of our 40 world championships.

Shark Evoline Series 2 Helmets Shark Evoline Series 2 ST (SharkTooth) Modular Helmet - New in late 2010, Shark has improved the Evoline Series 2. It now includes ear pockets and a helmet port for the new SharkTooth bluetooth 2.1 system, bringing Shark to the lead in modular helmet design! Shark Evoline Series 2 Helmets Shark Evoline Series 2 Modular Helmet - New in 2010, Shark has listened to customer suggestions and revised the Evoline Modular helmet to create the Evoline Series 2. It features a longer drop down inner sun shield, ratcheting outer shield, upgraded sealing, and other improvements to create a truly unique helmet!
Shark RSR 2 Helmets Shark RSR 2 Full Face Helmet - Developed with the best riders and racers in the world, the innovations used on the RSR 2 have led to the birth of an elite top-of-the-line sport helmet. This is the lightest race helmet in its class. Shark RSI Helmets Shark RSI Full Face Helmet - A perfect combination of technology, ergonomics, and safety, the RSI helmet has sharp and aggressive lines that yield exceptional aerodynamic performance. WIth its balanced, carefully crafted design, and its intrinsic safety qualities, the RSI is the new benchmark for its class.
Shark RSF 3 Helmets Shark RSF 3 Full Face Helmet - The rational choice for the value minded consumer looking for a composite helmet. Shark S 900 Helmets Shark S 900 Full Face Helmet - A new generation is born, with a cutting edge design, aggressive and perfectly balanced. The S 900 features a complete feature set and is the new reference for injection molded helmets.
Shark S 700 Helmets Shark S 700 Full Face Helmet - Built on the same base as the S 900, the S 700 will please due its looks and performance at a very competitive price. Shark S 650 Helmets Shark S 650 Full Face Helmet - For those looking for efficiency and quality at a very competitive price: SHARK has taken and won the challenge.
Shark RSJ Helmets Shark RSJ Open Face Helmet - The open face helmet featuring a composite construction which many of our competitors lack in this style. Shark SXR Helmets Shark SXR Off Road Helmet - The choice of the world's offroad stars. Like a victory-hunter, the SXR will easily cope with obstacles...and your oponents. Shark SXR, a real-life legend.
Shark SX1 Helmets Shark SX1 Off Road Helmet - A value priced off road helmet which doesn't skimp on details. This helmet features a visor that is far tougher than our competitors. Shark SX1 Helmets Shark SharkTooth Bluetooth 2.1 Kit - Advanced Bluetooth communications which fully integrates into the Evoline Series 2 ST helmet line.

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